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Manufacturers of Small Wind Turbines 500 watts to 10000 watts. Suitable for remote off grid homes, community power and telecoms...
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Wind Generator in Antarctica
Wind Generator in Antarctica
Facts about wind power
Facts about wind power
Facts about wind power
Facts about wind power

African Wind Power

AWP manufactures a range of turbines based on the 'Heavy Metal School' philosophy - long lasting heavily built machines with large diameter, low RPM rotors that capture maximum energy starting in low wind speeds. The AWP 3.6 made a name for itself from the 3.6 meter diameter rotor's quiet performance, and huge energy delivery in low and moderate winds which other small diameter, high RPM machines ignore. This machine has been improved and is now the AWP 3.7 (3.7 meter diameter rotor). Machines with rotor diameters of 2.4, 5.4 and 7.2 meters are under development. AWP also produces tilt up guyed Tower kits up to 26 meters in height suitable for the AWP3.7 in African (and similar) conditions.

Distributors Wanted

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Community Run Projects:

Electrical Power and Water Pumping in Rural Areas.

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Latest News:

  • 2nd batch of AWP Machines supplied to Antartica
  • New AWP3.7 1500W/2000W machine in production

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Live data from Installations:

On-line data from real working installations

Example Installations

Wind power generation on a farmA work in progress collection of AWP Customer Installations from around the world.

Please send pictures and information of your installation if you want it listed here.


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