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Tips For Brightening Your Living Room

One may need their living to have a new bright look. This can be done by either doing a big remodel project or by just adding a few accessories here and there to achieve the look. If you have never undertaken such a task, it may be a bit challenging. What ideas are there that one can incorporate to brighten up their space. Below are some tips that one can do.

Use bright colors

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Colours play an important role in defining the look and feel of any room. Thus, the brighter your colors will be the brighter the room will be and feel. Pastel colors are recommended to give rooms a bright feel. Moreover, if your house has big windows and thus allow a lot of light to come in, it is advisable to go for brighter and bolder colors. If you use pastel and your room has a lot of natural light coming in, you run the risk of them being washed out. So your choice of the intensity of the colors that you will use will entirely depend on the windows that the room has and the skylights that are in that particular room. To avoid a constricted living room feeling, it is advisable that you avoid dark colors.

Choice of floor material

Dark floor color like dark colored carpets and rugs may lessen the brightness of a room. If one has a wooden floor that is dark, it is advisable to get carpets and rugs that are bright in colors to brighten the room. This will instantly light up your room. It also has the effect of illusion space creation. The hardwood floor does a good job in reflecting light, but if you want to cover it with a carpet or rag so that you protect it from scratches, it is advisable that you choose one that is made up of brighter colors.

Use airy curtains

If your living room has a lot of windows, it is advisable that you use light and breezy curtains as they will play a vital role in accentuating the windows, this will also allow them to bring in more light. Most individuals prefer dark colors for their blinds and curtains but it is supposed to be accompanied by lighting up their hues hence making a great difference. Alternatively, you can use white or complimentary clear colors as this will allow more light into the room.

Use variety of lighting fixtures

living room 3Another important tip that can enable one achieve a bright living room, is the use of different lighting fixtures but make sure that you do not overdo it if the room is too small. For instance, one can place lamps to provide lighting to the room.